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Asset Management


Investments in the Commodity sector, offers a well diversified portfolio alternatives in metal, minerals, energy, petro-chemicals and agri sub-sectors. Commodity business is a key macro-economic driver, fuelling global demand and consumption. Agility, reliability and consistency are co-efficients of the growth trend, impacting the way we foresee long term investments. The spectrum of the asset class is benchmarked and regulated, providing a baseline for analyzing the space for growth and returns.

Praxko's commodity operations are managed as a globally integrated professional enterprise. The team closely watches geo-political events, micro and macro economic policies that can potentially impact the performance of the investments, through the local offices situated around the world. The constant analysis through complex financial algorithms and different technical patterns can determine the commodity price volatility. 


Conforming to our principle of capital preservation, we follow stringent risk management practices through contracts that are forward booked, hedged and insured. Contrary to popular belief, commodity investments are not a speculative business. The price fluctuations are monitored and controlled through hedging and arbitrage. 

This business involves the operation of laws of numerous countries and the investments are done in accordance with local laws and jurisdiction. 


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