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Mountain Lake

Idea Incubation

Every successfully run business was once just a raw Idea! The vision of the dreamer and his resolve to convert his idea into a reality and a successful business model is not an easy path. It requires the perfect blend of creativity, vision, precise strategy and most importantly finance. Without finance, an idea will remain an idea, meeting the fate of a slow death.


That is why we at Praxko with our years of vast business experience and exposure can back the brightest of the ideas with all the necessary ingredients for a business development.

Our team of experts handpick the best and the most unique ideas and provide the creator with the best resources to help him transform his vision and dream into a business reality.

In case you have a vibrant idea having business prospects in your perspective or if you have just transformed the idea into a business model but is unable to take it forward due to a shortage of resources, then get in touch with us.

Our experts will provide you all the guidance and resources, you need, to give wings to your dreams. For more information mail us at

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