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Wealth Creation 


While growth and performance stands at the pinnacle of our efforts, capital preservation is a core factor dictating the sectoral allocation. Investments are tailor-made by understanding the investor profile, matching Praxko's strategies and seizing the prevailing opportunities.   


The performance of the investments is a manifestation of our aspiration, attitudes and ethos.     

Our goal is to create high quality assets capable of delivering superior returns and add value to the investors. The invested asset classes are long-termed, offering stable and consistent growth and returns.   


Our ability to create impactful growth rests on the right asset class mix and allocations to high quality assets, capable of offering stability and growth. Each investment is carefully analysed and tailored to meet the risk - return appetite of the investors. Praxko's investment strategies do not follow the methodology of the traditional fund managers. We invest across multi asset classes of the sectoral clubs in private equity, private investments, infrastructure assets, real commodity assets and financing through bank instruments. 

Sectoral Clubs


Commodity investments provides endless opportunities to grow. The investments are diversified across multiple commodity classes across the world. The multi-dimensional nature offers leverage and capital protection.      


Infrastructure investments are long termed, illiquid and resilient asset classes. The assets are localized and offer distinct and exponential opportunities.    




Retail investments are performing asset classes. This is an emerging class triggered by a consumer dominated market. This is the opportune time to tap into this segment.

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