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Asset Management


Investments in the retail segment offer remarkable opportunities in the present times. Consumer-centric policies, improving socio-economic parity, growth of rural consumption, increased online spending and young millennial households is driving up the size and space of this segment. The dynamic and agile retail segment was previously unorganised and scattered. With the advent of corporate governance standards in the retailing segment, this asset class offers a bouquet of unexplored opportunities, estimated to reach $140-160 billion. The retail market in India has undergone a major transformation and has witnessed tremendous growth in the last 10 years. The overall retail market is set to cross the $1.75 trillion mark by 2026 from $795 billion in 2017. India ranks among the best countries to invest in retail space. 

The retail asset class comprises of liquid assets capable of monetizing in the short to medium term. The underlying business assets achieve a quick turnaround enabling the investment to reach multiple trade cycles. The opportunities are varied and multi-faceted. Praxko's investment in the retail segment is aimed at establishing corporate governance and professional standards in a sector that is classified as unorganized. The interlinking of the market participants through a fully integrated global platform will create synergies capable of achieving economies of scale.     

Praxko is focused on investing in the food and pharma retail sector through private investments and equity, backing consolidations and debt. Praxko's investment will help fast-growing companies scale efficiently through our global network and platform. Through our participation in creating an organised retail sector, we encourage sustainability and value creation.              

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